Family Guy The Quest for Stuff 1.58.2 APK Download Features New Game Storyline

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff 1.58.2 APK Download Features New Game Storyline

Family Guy is one of the most hilarious shows out there. Seth MacFarlane, the man who does most of the voices and the writing for Family Guy is a straight up comedic genius. Everyone needs to watch a couple of episodes of this show because they will laugh so much that it’s going to make their day better. Although, there is also an alternative for people who don’t enjoy spending their free time watching shows and who would rather play a mobile game.

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff 1.58.2 APK

The folks at TinyCo developed a mobile game based on Family Guy that features some hilarious storylines from the show. The game’s setting takes place after Peter Griffin (the main character) gets in a fight with the giant chicken (his nemesis) and they accidentally destroy the entire town. This sounds crazy right? Well, this exactly what people can expect from the show as well.

Nonetheless, the game is incredibly fun to play and it will brighten up everyone’s mood. However, the reason we are talking about it today is because a new APK update has been published. The update is a major one, weighing at 60.26MB, and it introduces a cool new storyline.

We should also mention that since APK stands for Android Package Kit, this update is exclusive to Android operated smartphones. Furthermore, the update is targeted towards Android 5.0 Lollipop operating systems, but it also runs on a minimum of Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread.

New Storyline

As previously stated, this latest APK introduces a new storyline that players are certainly going to enjoy. The new storyline kicks off when Quahog (the town) opens a new casino to brings tourists in. However, what no one expected is that the casino’s success will start bringing other casinos which will result in a hilarious competition.


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