Falcon 9 Rocket to Reach Its Launch this Tuesday

Falcon 9 Rocket to Reach Its Launch this Tuesday

Exciting news for people interested in space travel! SpaceX reported that they are going to launch their Falcon 9 rocket this Tuesday from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. This information has been provided by the U.S. Air Force.

More details about the launch

The launch is scheduled to take place between 12:33 AM and 2:33 AM as the weather is 90% in favor of the launch, as the Air Force has stated. The launch was delayed, initially, it was meant to launch last weekend, so that the SpaceX team could perform more tests in order to make sure that everything is right on track. It is normal for a project of such importance to be delayed for a bit just to make sure that it is all going to plan.

The location of the launch, the Air Force Station at Cape Canaveral, was already known since last Sunday. The SpaceX team is thinking about also launching a Hispasat 30W-6 spacecraft to a geostationary transfer orbit in the future.

Our opinion on the subject

We believe that this new launch is going to provide NASA and the SpaceX team with a great number of information about space so that, in the foreseeable future, our interaction with it could reach new levels. There are already discoveries being made that are going to help scientists understand the conditions that space has and our possible limitations in exploring it. However, with new pieces of technology being developed, we can only hope that one day we may be able to find resources and even other life forms on planets that are part of our galaxy.

Yes, we have elaborated on this subject from our own perspective a bit too much but we cannot help getting excited when we hear about all these new projects!

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