Falcon 9 Heavy Rocket Launch Latest Details

Falcon 9 Heavy Rocket Launch Latest Details

The launch, which took place in the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, took with it 10 Iridium Next communications satellites into space, just after dusk happened, leaving a tremendous gleaming crest afterwards as it took off into space.

Panic among people, LAFD had to take action

That gleaming cloud showed as some UFOs for a few spectators, which they talked about on Twitter, and the Los Angeles Fire Department had to issue an announcement in order to calm people, in which they said that the that the uncanny light in the sky” was only the SpaceX rocket.

What are people saying about this?

People seemed to have no idea whatsoever of what was going on. Everyone just started to pulling out their phones and taking pictures and, of course, videos. And it’s understandable, given the amazing landscape with the sun setting in the background and the palm trees around. They said it was their coolest moments of their lives and a great present to enjoy with all the family, it kind of gave that Christmassy atmosphere.

The launch was likewise unmistakably obvious from the air.

Surprise for lucky passengers

Some passengers from the flight from Phoenix, Arizona to Salt Lake City, Utah had a big surprise, when the pilot made an unexpected announcement. The pilot went ahead of the radio to state that there was something he had never observed out the left window. He presumably didn’t intend to state it like that, yet it was disrupting to hear your pilot saying that.

So they all swarmed to the windows. A couple of minutes into the announcement, he continued to say that this was a rocket launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base.

As heard, people admire Elon Musk lots of them watched other launches on YouTube, so this was a pleasant surprise for them to see it live.


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