Fake News: Trump Says that Clinton Did Not Want to Send Humans on Mars

Fake News: Trump Says that Clinton Did Not Want to Send Humans on Mars

It is no surprise by now that Trump does tend to embellish and talk about events that did not happen on Twitter. After a year of him being the US’s president we have grown accustomed to that happening from time to time. However, today we will be addressing his latest tweet and fact checking it.

What did Trump say?

A tweet posted on the 13th of March by Trump says that people will soon be going to Mars, a thing that would not have happened if Hillary Clinton would have won and became president. However, this is not a will they or will they not type of problem so we are here to analyze if his claim holds some truth or if it is just his own type of “fake news”.

NASA’s plans

NASA did not just start to plan a trip to Mars just because the Trump presidency was in favor of it. They have a “Journey to Mars” exploration trip already in the works. During the Trump administration they have stated they will begin to plan for a Lunar Orbital Platform-Getaway, a project that is going to be built in the 2020s.

During Obama’s term NASA was already working on a rocket ship prototype that would be reusable. In a nutshell, it would take astronauts from Earth to Mars and then it could go from Mars to the Moon and back. So far there is not a clear date set in stone for this project but it is expected to happen sometime in the 2030s. Clinton has said numerous times that is for this type of advancement in space exploration, the latest one being during her campaign in 2016.


It looks like Trump has yet again tried to link himself to projects or decisions that predated his presidency. Unlike him, Clinton was open about wanting to get people to land on Mars.


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