Extreme Summer Droughts Will Increase in Europe, New Data Show

Extreme Summer Droughts Will Increase in Europe, New Data Show

The climate crisis has already brought so much havoc, and it doesn’t seem to stop now. Droughts, for example, have turned into one of the most major issues countries worldwide experience. Only in Europe, the effects of the climate crisis have been so terrible that the droughts have triggered high economic, social, and environmental costs.

Now, new data reveal Europe’s bleak future.

Here is what you need to know.

More Severe to Extreme Droughts in Europe

Climate predictions unveil that more extreme and frequent weather events will occur by the end of the century. Monitoring the upcoming droughts is essential for accurate climate crisis reduction. So, a new study comes in help, revealing that Europe is now ‘rushing’ towards more severe and extreme droughts.

New study insights

Researchers came across a trend towards more increased summer droughts in terms of a precipitation deficit. And that, under a high-emission carbon scenario (RCP8.5).

The drought’s effects are socially, economically, environmentally challenging, and complex. Droughts are classified by their impact as agricultural, meteorological, socio-economic, or hydrological. For example, meteorological droughts are considered a potential predecessor of some other drought types (as said earlier, pretty complicated). They’re now highly examined.

Major findings

As previously mentioned, new data bring some of the harshest results and predictions, including:

  • high variability of drought forces across many European climate regions, now and in the far future;
  • in mid-Europe, the extreme drought occurrence will increase up to 25 % during summer months, while in the Alps and Eastern Europe, extreme and severe droughts will reach some values of 40 % (extreme) and 20 % (severe);
  • from 2080 to 2099 (in the long-term future), Europe will experience a higher intensity and frequency of summer droughts and a lower number of winter droughts in many regions;
  • in France, researchers predict a higher frequency of extreme droughts of 60 %;
  • the differences between winter and summer precipitation will be higher: less during summer, increased during winter;
  • in the Mediterranean, the extreme droughts will reach about 80 % for the summer months; the Iberian Peninsula will have its worst, with up to 96 % extreme droughts in July, and 88 % in August.

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