Explore an Alien World with Planet Alpha and Relive the Abe’s Oddysee Atmosphere

Explore an Alien World with Planet Alpha and Relive the Abe’s Oddysee Atmosphere

When a video game takes the player to another planet, one of the most important things is that the world is believable enough. Exploring a new world should be something fascinating, and that is exactly what Planet Alpha manages to bring.

Just as the name suggests, the game will take you to a different planet where you will be able to discover its secrets. The game was create by Adrian Lazar and Team17, and many seem to believe that it is a mix between No Man’s Sky and Abe’s Oddysee.

Incredible visuals

The beautiful art behind this game is one of the things that stands out right away. The developers have been working at this game since 2013, and this becomes obvious when you notice all the incredible details. There are also some gorgeous colors and fascinating creatures that populate the game.

Discover the secrets of the planet

The game will have multiple puzzles that need to be solved in order to discover the mysteries of the planet. After he wakes up on a mysterious planet, the player will also discover that he is able to rotate and control the planet however he wishes, turning day into night. The journey begins from there.

The game will finally be released this year, and it should be available for both PC and consoles. The creator of the game declared that he is very excited to finally release the game, and he also added that he is glad to work with Team17, “a partner who can offer us the resources that we need to bring this game to the players, but more importantly I’m excited to have a partner that truly believes in Planet Alpha as much as we do”.


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