The eVoke Device The NHS Planned To Prescribe To Help Smokers Quit Got Canceled

The eVoke Device The NHS Planned To Prescribe To Help Smokers Quit Got Canceled

British public health experts have recommended in a study published in 2015 to allow general practitioners to prescribe electronic cigarettes as means of combating traditional smoking. Even more, the British American Tobacco (BAT) eVoke device got approved by the NHS in 2017 but now its production is canceled by its manufacturer.

E-Cigs are safer, experts say
Experts consider that switching to electronic cigarettes may be an excellent way to persuade people to give up cigarettes.

An electronic cigarette can change the situation in public health, according to Professor Ann McNeill, co-author of the initial study commissioned by the British Public Health Service (PHE).

The study showed that electronic cigarettes are 95% less dangerous than regular cigarettes.

“Electronic cigarettes are not completely free of risk, but the evidence we have shows that their danger is very little compared to tobacco,” said Kevin Fenton, Health Director at Public Health England.

Electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more popular in the UK, being used by more than 3 million people.

eVoke device the NHS planned to prescribe to help smokers quit was shut down by BAT

The eVoke device was approved 2 years ago as a medicinal nicotine inhaler designed to help smokers quit traditional smoking.

The device was designed as a nicotine inhaler, similar to electronic cigarettes, which was supposed to deliver consistent doses of nicotine respecting the NHS’s strict regulations for such medicinal devices.

BAT, however, canceled the device production, arguing that a mass production of the device caused various technical problems.

Even more, it seems that BAT has used the NHS plan to find for itself a market for electronic cigarettes when these devices were at their beginning but now, when E-Cigs are widely used and accepted, there’s no reason for BAT to focus on a medicinal electronic cigarette, so they cut off the production, completely.

eVoke is not dead

BAT moved the license for the eVoke device to Kind Consumer Limited which is planning to launch the device later this year.

Public Health England will meet this week to review, again, the safety of electronic cigarettes.


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