Young People Worried About Climate Change Researchers Find

Young People Worried About Climate Change Researchers Find

A recent study conducted by researchers from U.K, U.S, and Helsinki Universities determined that young people are anxious and deeply worried about climate change and are experiencing a sense of betrayal from current governments. Researchers from the University of Bath, University of Helsinki, NYU, UEA, Stanford University, NHS Foundation Trust, and more worked together to study the impact of climate change and the little action taken by governments to reverse climate change.

Research Methods of the study

To determine how young people feel about climate change, the group of experts surveyed more than 10.000 16-to 25-year-old people from ten different countries. The survey indicated their thoughts and feelings connected to the severe crisis our planet faces in terms of climate change. AVAAZ supported the funding of the survey, and the Ethics Committee of Bath Univesity approved the study.

Findings and implications

According to the data extracted, 59% of the respondents are extremely worried about climate change, and 84% are somewhat worried. More than 50% of participants declared they have a mix of feelings such as the sense of powerless, guilt, betrayal, anger, and anxiety. Another worrying finding is that 45% of the respondents declared they worry so much about climate change that their life quality has been affected, and they have been experiencing negative thoughts. The distress is also generated by Governments that are not doing enough to overcome the crisis.
There has not been much response from governments on how to help young people overcome this anxiety, and the measured they have adopted so far in terms of protecting the planet have been too little and too late. In six more weeks, the annual UN meeting about climate change will take place in Glasgow, Scotland, and many scientists have already written and preached about the need to act now.

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