Tornadoes Kill Children in Iowa (USA)

Tornadoes Kill Children in Iowa (USA)

Unfortunately, mankind still has a lot to learn when it comes to dealing with nature going berserk. Every year in the USA, the country faces about four times more tornadoes than Europe does. 

A new series of tornadoes forming in the weekend had been sweeping across multiple counties near Des Moines, the capital city of the American state of Iowa. As a tragic result, seven people died, including two children, according to CNN.

The youngest victim was a 2-year old child

Diogenes Ayala, the Emergency Management Director of Madison County, announced that six people were killed in the region. A 2 years old child was among them, while the oldest victim was 72 years old.

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds wrote the following, as CNN quotes:

Today, as you pray for the situation in Ukraine, please also pray for the victims of yesterday’s deadly tornadoes in Iowa—for those that tragically lost their lives, those injured, and those whose properties suffered severe damage.

Damage to trees, homes, and power lines occurred near Des Moines. The sheriff’s office wrote, as cited by the same source:

Downed power lines, standing water and debris blocking roadways are creating dangerous travel conditions in this area and we are asking for the public’s assistance by staying clear of the area and allowing these agencies to work unimpeded.

Last year in December, we spoke about another tornado occurring in the US, one that swept areas from several states, including Kentucky, and left behind dozens of deaths. The death toll counted 88 souls. Also, 103 people were missing after the tragic event. Roughly 200 miles were swept by that tornado, which practically meant that there wasn’t any chance of stopping it.

Once on land, tornadoes can usually accompany hurricanes and tropical storms. Let’s pray for everyone who might have been affected by such events!


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