How to Survive A Landslide: Important Tips

How to Survive A Landslide: Important Tips

Landslides can indeed be very scary, even to the bravest ones comma, and for good reasons. Various factors, such as geographical location, topography, climate, and human activities, can determine the frequency of landslides in certain regions.  Landslides can even occur frequently in some regions, while in others, such unfortunate events can be less common. 

A combination of factors can trigger landslides, such as steep slopes, soil and rock properties, heavy rainfall, earthquakes, climate change, and even human activities. When it comes to the last one, mining, deforestation, construction, as well as improper land use, can alter natural landscapes significantly, increasing the risk of landslides. In other words, human activities play a pretty important role in The occurrence of landslides, whether we like to admit it or not.

Surviving a landslide is not exactly child’s Play, as you need to be prepared, think quickly comma, and even take decisive actions. Behold some tips that can increase your chances of survival in case a landslide occurs in your area:

Stay informed:

It’s always a good idea to be aware of the weather conditions into risk of landslides that could occur in your area. In other words, you should always pay attention to local news and weather reports and heed evacuation warnings.

Evacuate if it is necessary:

If you notice any evacuation order from your local authorities, or even if you notice signs of an impended landslide, such as cracks in the ground, unusual sounds, or even southern changes in water flow, the wisest thing to do is to evacuate immediately to higher grounds. 

Find shelter:

If it is possible, you should seek shelter indoors. You should opt for a sturdy building away from the landslide trajectory. It’s also a good idea to avoid basements and ground-level rooms as these places are more susceptible to flooding and debris. 

Stay away from windows and doors:

 Staying away from windows and doors have failed landslide occurs is also a very important step, as it’s obvious that those structures are pretty fragile in the face of nature’s wrath.  To put it more simply, doors and windows could crash upon you when landslides occur and if you are nearby.

Be cautious after the landslide

Even if the landslide has passed, you still need to act with caution. This means that you should avoid areas where the ground still seems unstable and watch out for additional landslides, flooding,  or other hazards. 

If, despite applying the tips mentioned here, you get trapped as a result of a landslide occurring in your region,  you should try to make as much noise as possible to alert Rescuers as soon as they start searching for survivors. However, we need to remember that every situation is different, and it’s pretty impossible to establish the best course of action. How you must act in the middle of such a crisis may vary depending on various factors, such as the severity of the landslide and how close you are to it.

In the end, we need to keep in mind that landslides qualify as complex geological events that are influenced by various natural and human factors. If we want to mitigate the impacts of landslides and reduce the risk to human life and infrastructure, we need to understand the causes as much as possible, and I identify areas that are prone to such natural disasters.


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