Elon Musk’s Neuralink “Brain Chip” Could Please Users On Demand

Elon Musk’s Neuralink “Brain Chip” Could Please Users On Demand

Elon Musk remains in the spotlight these days following the latest reports. Just the other day, we revealed that the billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk responded recently to GoFundMe canceling the Freedom Convoy fundraiser for truckers that are protesting vaccine mandates in Canada by posting a meme that was targeting the company.

Musk responded to a tweet that was encouraging him to get his money back from GoFundMe after people had previously claimed that he donated to them.

“It’s not my money,” Musk responded.

In the tweet, Musk made sure to include a meme that showed thousands of packages on train tracks in Los Angeles that were left behind after the thieves stole items from trains and labeled them “Amateur Thieves.”

The meme then showed GoFundMe’s logo and labeled it, “Professional Thieves.”

Just to refresh your memory, GoFundMe managed to cancel the fundraiser for the truckers in Canada who are protesting for freedom and against the coronavirus restrictions. Check out our previous article in order to learn more details. 

Elon Musk stays in the spotlight with his Neuralink 

Daily Star publication just highlighted the fact that billionaire Elon Musk has two wildly ambitious goals: to establish a permanent human colony on Mars and to create a technology that links human brains with artificial intelligence.

Of Musk’s two futuristic dreams, it’s really important to note the fact that the second one that has the most potential to change humanity.

Neuralink is focused on “its potential to unlock the lives of people living with severe paralysis by allowing to control robotic arms and even one day entire exoskeletons, the technology would change the way that the rest of us communicate, learn, and have sex.”

Neurobiologist Professor Andrew Hires stated the following:

”The first application you can imagine is better mental control for a robotic arm for someone who’s paralysed.”

More researchers have explored the idea of stimulating the brain’s pleasure centers directly, “allowing people to do without drugs or alcohol to achieve pleasurable sensations.”

The online publication notes that Dr Stuart Meloy developed a device in 2001 that was playfully dubbed “The Orgasmatron” and Musk’s Neuralink could easily offer the “orgasm on demand” that Meloy’s technology promised. Check out the original article in order to learn more about this. 

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