Elon Musk Says Traditional Media Is Filled With “Relentless Hatestream” Amidst Joe Rogan Scandal

Elon Musk Says Traditional Media Is Filled With “Relentless Hatestream” Amidst Joe Rogan Scandal

Traditional media has been changing for the past two years, according to more voices out there. Some say that most of it has been making efforts to boost the covid-generated hysteria all over the world, as we already revealed by now.

Boosting covid hysteria worldwide 

For instance, you may recall that not too long ago we revealed the fact that the media has been reporting all kinds of numbers about the covid-related deaths and hospitalizations. Still, it turns out that some of them are not precisely accurate. We also reported info about the real covid mortality rate. 

There have been a lot of questions about the actual death rate that covid has, with a lot of people showing their skepticism about the numbers that we’re being shown by the media. The debate continues.

Western Standard online publication notes that after two years of pushing covid narratives, a Danish newspaper is apologizing for reporting government information without questioning. This has obviously resulted in inaccurate numbers and statements.

Western Standard

“We failed,” said Ekstra Bladet, one of Denmark’s largest newspapers. Check out our previous article in order to learn more details about all this.

Elon Musk addresses the hateful media 

Musk dropped a debate on Twitter about the hateful mainstream media today.


Someone told him the following: 

Here’s another interesting answer that Musk received:


Anyway, Musk’s debate about the media comes amidst the massive scandal that the mainstream media has been talking about these days involving Joe Rogan and Spotify. 

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