Elon Musk Raises Awareness On Immigrant Crisis Once Again

Elon Musk Raises Awareness On Immigrant Crisis Once Again

It seems that Elon Musk continues to raise awareness of the immigrant crisis once again. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Elon Musk on immigrant crisis

Check out the tweet that he shared on X:

Someone said that this is already happening:

A follower said: “This in an invasion of unprecedented magnitude and it’s still not as bad as what’s going on in Great Britain. Western civilization is in danger.”

Someone else said: “They (Dems) voted for this. It’s a great lesson for them. Some people cannot learn the easy way, they have to be shown the hard way. Next time, they need to vote better and keep an eye on those who count the votes (Stalin).”

A follower said: “Despite concerns, rest assured that the border remains secure and under control. There is no “border crisis.” So what if you don’t hear English spoken at Walmart anymore. It’s a good time for everyone to brush up on their Spanish.”

Elon Musk has just shared an interesting post on his X social media account. It regards equality and equity.

Check out what he shared on X below:

Someone commented: “Equal opportunity. No one can guarantee outcome. And life would be boring that way. Communism attempted to guarantee outcomes and failed dismally. Outcome is based on a combination of perseverance, ambition, talent, some luck, and effort.”

Another follower said: “Equal opportunity should be afforded to everyone. That should go without saying. But the outcome lies solely with each individual.”

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