Elon Musk Asks The “Key Question” Regarding Equality And Equity

Elon Musk Asks The “Key Question” Regarding Equality And Equity

Elon Musk has just shared an interesting post on his X social media account. It regards equality and equity. Check out what people had to say after they saw what he posted on his social media account.

Equality vs. equity

Check out what he shared on X below:

Someone commented: “Equal opportunity. No one can guarantee outcome. And life would be boring that way. Communism attempted to guarantee outcomes and failed dismally. Outcome is based on a combination of perseverance, ambition, talent, some luck, and effort.”

Another follower said: “Equal opportunity should be afforded to everyone. That should go without saying. But the outcome lies solely with each individual.”

One other person said this: “Yep. If we just placed people where they should be, and let them move around, they’d waste less time making really huge mistakes in life, too. Sometimes mistakes are done on purpose when pressure is too high. All the mistakes made under too little pressure are on purpose though, or at least preventable.”

People believe that equality is a terrible goal. It means pulling everyone down to the lowest common denominator. Communism was the political incarnation of equality as an end goal; it just made everyone equally poor. Equality of opportunity, not outcomes. What do you think?

Anyway, in other recent news involving Elon Musk, he recently shared a post on his X account, shedding light on what the so-called fact-checkers really are. Here are more details about this below.

Elon Musk on fact-checkers

He shared a post which states the following:

“Fact checkers and disinformation academics check narratives, not facts. Your facts can be accurate, but if you’ve got the wrong narrative, well … Hate to tell you this: that’s a “conspiracy theory” and you’re gonna get “debunked.””

Someone commented the following: “Misinformation was a term invented by the Biden administration…that should tell you everything you need to know…”

Another folower posetd ths mesage:”“Fact Checkers” is only a tactic of the propagandists to create a “short cut” for individuals who don’t want to do their due diligence and work to check the facts and evidence for themselves. It works to maintain the narrative, because it’s often human nature to take the path of least resistance.”

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