Elon Musk Addresses The Fall Of America In Case It Tries To Absorb The World

Elon Musk Addresses The Fall Of America In Case It Tries To Absorb The World

Elon Musk talks about the fall of America and addresses the reason for which such a thing could happen. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Elon Musk on the fall of America

Here is the tweet that Musk shared and made waves on X with it:

Musk continued and said: “America is only 4% of Earth’s population. If even 1% of the rest of Earth moved here, we would be swamped.”

Just the other day, I revealed the fact that Musk believes that there could be a similar 9/11-style attack, and this could happen due to the open borders in the US.

Elon Musk issues massive warning

Here is the tweet that Musk shared on his X account:

A follower said this: “Our government was behind 9/11 to begin with, so everything we’re going through now makes it all so obvious. There’s going to be those who, no matter what happens or how much @elonmusk points it out, will still willfully remain blind or blame Trump regardless of the evidence. They were warned over and over… let them suffer into clarity.”

Back in January, I was reporting about the fact that former President Donald Trump is calling for all willing states to deploy the National Guard to the Texas border in order to start the deportations.

Stay tuned for more news about the state of the US and the world.

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