Ebola Patients Out Of Quarantine – They Infected More

Ebola Patients Out Of Quarantine – They Infected More

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, rose the latest outbreak of Ebola, last week. Mbandaka was the region it was spread. There have been confirmed the disease in 31 cases for the west African nation. Nine of them, died.

Three people got in touch with the disease. Two of them present symptoms, but they somehow left the quarantine and spread Ebola among the others.

From the Washington Post:

From two of them turned on the alarm

Ebola can be contacted by bodily fluids and the two patients, who escaped, were in the last phase so they died soon. Jean-Clement Cabrol, who had just came back from Congo, confirmed “the patients were in the active phase of the disease, vomiting” when they were taken from the hospital, by their families. The families made them sit on motorcycles, and they went to a  religious gathering with 50 people.

They could have infected the population.

The couple hoped to cure the disease through faith and support from the family. But they did not know, that by leaving the hospital, because of their serious illness, they could be the cause of death to more people.

The third patient stayed in the hospital and chose to be treated by the doctors.

The rules for vaccination

The problem is that the vaccine is not enough for everybody. So, it must be used just in the extreme situations. The victims should tell the doctor who were the people, exactly, they had contact with.

Not Ebola kills, but the victim’s immune system. It tries to fight the virus, but it shakes the rest of the body, leaving the blood vessels loose and permeable. Soon, blood and plasma manage to perforate them and spill through all pores and through all the holes. Ebola virus lives in the blood, saliva, mucosa, sweating and vomiting of an infected person. Five days after infection, one milliliter of blood contains 10 billion Ebola particles.


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