Ebola Outbreak in Congo Treated With Experimental Vaccine By WHO

Ebola Outbreak in Congo Treated With Experimental Vaccine By WHO

While for many of us Ebola seems like a distant memory, there are still many persons who suffer from it. In Congo, an Ebola outbreak is decimating people. The World Health Organization decided to step in and handle the situation.

The officials in the Democratic Republic of Congo allowed WHO to use an experimental Ebola vaccine which was imported there. “We have agreement, registration, plus import permit, everything formally agreed already,” explained WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

Vaccinations will begin soon

The vaccine should be used in a couple of days. Until now, it appears that it has positive results, as it was tested in human trials. It is considered experimental as it does not have a license yet. However, the vaccine proved to be effective when it was tested.

The vaccine must be kept in special conditions, at -60 to -80 degrees Celsius (-76°F to -112°F), which can be a challenge in such a hot country. The vaccine was developed back by Merck and it was tested in 2015 in Guinea. The vaccine must be used on every person who has been in a recent contact with someone who has Ebola.

Traveling to Congo

Tedros decided to travel to Congo during the weekend and he went to the remote area where the disease has broken out. “Being there is very, very important. If a general cannot be with its troops in the front line it’s not a general,” he said. “And the second thing is, associated with Ebola there is stigma. We have to go and show that that should really stop. And if there is risk, my life is not better than anyone.”

Back on Monday, WHO revealed that there are 39 suspected, probable of or confirmed cases of Ebola between April 4 and May 13.


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