Eating Before a Workout Has Some Major Side Effects You Should Know

Eating Before a Workout Has Some Major Side Effects You Should Know

Feeling hungry, but you have to hit the gym? Well, you should know that eating before a workout is probably the worst thing you can to your body.

While many sports dietitians recommend a pre-workout meal, it’s essential to eat the right kind of food to fuel your body properly. 

Here is what you need to know.

Eat Only At the Proper Time

Try eating lunch, for example, an hour earlier before the workout. Or, serve a smaller lunch and a nutritious snack after the workout session.

Remember that what works for a person might not have the same effects on you. So, listen to your body to better adjust your mealtime. 

Overeating Can Lead to Severe Stomach Pains

Mandy Tyler, M.Ed, RD CSSD, LD, LAT, a sports dietitian, explains:

“Eating too much food too close to the workout session can also result in GI issues.”

It’s essential to eat as light as possible before a workout to avoid stomach issues or nausea.

This Food Can Boost Your Energy

As previously said, it’s better to keep your pre-workout snack light, but what is the best food that you can eat?

Foods that offer a good source of carbs and are low in fat and fiber are an excellent choice for your body! You can try, for example, granola bars, a bagel, a banana, pretzels, or dried fruits. 

However, even if you snack light, you still have to eat an hour or two before your workout session.

Cut the Greasy and Fried Food

High-fat meats, fried or greasy foods, heavy cream, legumes, high fiber whole grains, buttery sauces, and beans are only a few examples of foods you should avoid eating before a workout. 

Choosing to eat one of those foods can cause you diarrhoea or nausea, while you workout. 

Remember that less is more when it comes to pre-workout food. If you need more advice, discuss it with a specialist.


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