Earth’s Mini-Moons might be Worth Millions of Dollars

Earth’s Mini-Moons might be Worth Millions of Dollars

A new study which focuses on the feasibility of detecting small sized asteroids was published by astronomers. The asteroids studied has settled into a near orbit from Earth and become gravitationally entwined with our planet. They measure 2 meters in width and in cosmic terms they are If made out of the right material, they might end up being valuable.

For example, for one meter of a platinum asteroid, a person might need to pay about $630 million (£493 million).

In order to take advantage of this discovery, it would cost SpaceX $62 million to launch its Falcon 9 rocket plus tens or even hundreds of millions more to make a craft that would suit the mission to snar mini-moons.

The lead author of the paper published in Space Science and Frontiers in Astronomy is Dr. Robert Jedicke. His study talks about the ‘exciting scientific and commercial opportunities’ posed by these tiny asteroids, “Mini-moons are small, moving across the sky faster than most asteroid surveys can detect.”

Chile builds a new survey telescope which goes by the name of the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST), and it is assumed to have the ability to identify such fast-moving and possibly valuable satellites.

‘Once we start finding mini-moons at a greater rate they will be perfect targets for satellite missions,’ Jedicke continued.

‘We can launch short and therefore cheaper missions, using them as testbeds for larger space missions and providing an opportunity for the fledgling asteroid mining industry to test their technology.’

‘These asteroids are delivered towards Earth from the l asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter via gravitational interactions with the Sun and planets in our solar system.

‘The challenge lies in finding these small objects, despite theirclose proximity.’

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