Earth’s Deep Mantle Holds Some Very Interesting Secrets

Earth’s Deep Mantle Holds Some Very Interesting Secrets

Scientists have had a very tough time dealing and trying to find more about what rests in the Earth’s deep mantle since access to it is, to say the least, very difficult. However, they were just recently able to find a number on new information and we are here to tell you all about them and what they mean. It looks like Earth’s deep mantle does show signs of having aqueous fluid in it, a fact that is more than interesting for researchers worldwide.

What did they find?

In order to conduct tests and find out what they can about what the Earth’s mantle is made out of, diamonds that were brought up from it which, as we are about to see, indicate a lot. Scientists dis a couple of small inclusions in the diamonds that they got which lead them to see the mineral and chemical composition of Earth.

They found out that diamonds which came from around 410 and 660 kilometers depth had a number of ice-VII in them. What is Ice-VII? It is a high-pressure water form. The depth that we have mentioned earlier is called the transition zone, a place where high minerals have the ability to store water. This discovery suggests that there are aqueous pockets in the transition zone that allow the minerals to retain part of the water there.

Water in the deep mantle

Scientists have theorized that the water that is found in this region plays a major role in the global water levels and the natural heating-systems that Earth has. Ice-VII crystallizes as it ascends but it still retains its very high pressure of around 24 gigapascals. The International Mineralogical Association has just recognized Ice-VII as a mineral.

We are more than excited to see what new information is going to come up in the future about the Earth’s mantle. Every new one paints a rich picture of our planet’s internal composition.


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