E. Coli Made Another Victim: A British Mother Of Two Died After Eating Contaminated Chicken During Corfu Holiday

E. Coli Made Another Victim: A British Mother Of Two Died After Eating Contaminated Chicken During Corfu Holiday

A healthy mother of two, Natalie Rawnsley, from England’s Hertfordshire County died within 36 hours after consuming chicken contaminated with E. Coli in a hotel restaurant while she was spending her vacation with her family in Corfu, Greece.

“I had both my boys with me; we had pasta, bread, and sausages. Natalie had a completely different dinner which consisted of chicken, salad, prawns, and vegetables. Natalie started to eat hers, and as she cut the chicken the chicken oozed red blood (…) She got up took it back replaced the chicken with a different piece and came back and ate it. She had had a few mouthfuls of the other piece of chicken,” explained Natalie’s husband for the Westminster Coroners’ Court.

Since 3 AM, Natalie started vomiting and complaining of abdominal cramps. A doctor came in and diagnosed her with gastroenteritis. However, the young mother’s symptoms were aggravating, and she and her husband decided to go to the closest hospital to seek help.

E. Coli is what killed Natalie Rawnsley after she ate inadequately cooked contaminated chicken at a restaurant in Corfu, Greece

At the time they reached the hospital, according to Mr. Rawnsley, Natalie was complaining of pains in her legs and presented some red blotches all over her body.

Unfortunately, Natalie Rawnsley, a keen triathlete and a healthy mother of two boys, died to E. Coli within 36 hours after eating contaminated chicken in a hotel restaurant in Corfu, Greece, where she was supposed to spend an enjoyable vacation with her family.

“It depends on what your genes are,” said Professor Sebastien Lucas, an infections expert, referring to the risks of dying from food poisoning. “Assuming it is an E. Coli infection, coming from uncooked chicken seems a very reasonable theory. The point I also made in my report is how it escalates. There’s a tipping point when it starts producing DIC (blood clots). By definition, once it starts doing that, you are doomed,” explained Professor Sebastien Lucas.


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