E-Cigarettes and the Serious Health Risks People Need to Know About

E-Cigarettes and the Serious Health Risks People Need to Know About

Numerous laws and government policies are forcing tobacco companies to inform consumers of the health risks that smokers should take in consideration before buying a pack of cigarettes. However, tobacco companies are not doing the same with e-cigarettes and therefore, there’s a false misconception that vaping products are harmless. Well, this is not the case at all and today we are going to shed some light on this matter.

A recent study from the “Centers for Disease Control (CDC)” is showing that there are more than two million young Americans buying and using e-cigarettes every month. This study is highlight the fact that American Youth is oblivious to the risks of using e-cigarettes. Therefore, today we are going to present some of the biggest health risks that e-cigarettes users should know about.

Battery Malfunctions

While this might seem like a horror story to scare away little kids from touching e-cigarettes, there are many people who got serious injuries from malfunctioning batteries. While cases of exploding e-cigarettes are rare, they still appear from time to time and no one should use something that’s likely to explode, especially put in their mouth.

E-Cigarettes and Nicotine

One of the worst substances that can be found in normal cigarettes is nicotine. This is the substance that causes people to get hooked to cigarettes and it can also be found in the seemingly “harmless” e-cigarettes as well. Furthermore, nicotine is not only addictive and it’s also highly toxic.

Sweet Fruity

In order to get an idea of why e-cigarettes companies are evil, people should know that the only reason why tobacco companies are developing sweet flavors is because they are targeting the young. Dr. Robert Jackler who is the chair of otolaryngology and a professor at Stanford said the following in regard to sweet flavored e-cigarettes: “The tobacco industry wants people to start young and knows what really attracts them are sweet and fruity flavors”.


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