Drunk Wasps Attack Britain Hospitalizing Children And Challenging The Pest Control Workers

Drunk Wasps Attack Britain Hospitalizing Children And Challenging The Pest Control Workers

An unusual case is happening in the UK where drunk wasps attack people hospitalizing children and challenging the pest control workers. The wasps, which usually feed with dead flies, are now consuming fermented fruits and get drunk and angry.

The situation is not at all straightforward, as the wasps are invading the UK and cause harm among children, especially. However, there are some methods to keep the wasps away.

“Maybe the most influential factor on wasps numbers is when people do not dispose of their waste properly, especially food with high sugar content, such as fruits. We always advise waste to be securely bagged and held within a clean container, away from where young children might play,” explained Dee Ward-Thompson from the British Pest Control Association.

The wasps’ unusual attacking behavior is mostly due to the fact they consume fermented fruits as their regular diet, dead flies, is not anymore accessible.

Britains attacked by swarms of drunk wasps

“They live on the sugar produced by rotting fruit, which can be a problem as fermented fruits contain alcohol so that wasps can become intoxicated and rather irritating. They are also attracted to the abundance of sweet foods that humans provide – to a starving wasp, a jam sandwich or a can of Coke is just too tempting to avoid,” stated Sussex Wildlife Trust.

To prevent wasps attack the NHS recommend using insects repellant with a minimum 50% DEET and avoiding soaps, deodorants, and shampoos with strong perfumes.

In case you’re stung by drunk wasps currently attacking Britains across the UK, the NHS advises washing the stung area with soap and applying a cloth with cold water or an ice pack on the swollen area.

The specialists also recommend stung people to avoid using traditional home remedies and instead ask the pharmacist for some over-the-counter treatments, including antihistamines and painkillers.


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