Dripping: What It Is and How It Works

Dripping: What It Is and How It Works

Have you ever walked into a vape shop and heard other customers talking about all the different hardware involved in vaping? Some of it might go over your head, like Ohm’s Law and dodeca coils and prefilled pod systems.

As you turn into a more experienced vaper, you’ll start to understand more terms and graduate onto more complex vaping hardware. One of these complicated hardware systems is the dripper. You may have heard of the word, and thought of a messy vape mod, dripping with e-liquid because it wasn’t appropriately filled, or a vape with a coil too loose, e-liquid spilled onto the sides of the mod.

However, dripping can actually be one of the most enjoyable vaping devices out there. It allows you to use multiple vape flavors in a single system without the risk of clogging your coil. Now, you might be asking what makes it so complicated or what’s the point of using a dripper if you have a solid vape setup. Let’s get into that, shall we?

What is Dripping?

A dripper is best used by an indecisive vaper who can’t choose one flavor and stick with it until it’s time to get a new bottle of e-liquid. The dripper is like a regular tank, but instead of premade coils, a dripper utilizes strips of cotton threaded through little slots to keep them in place.

You drip the liquid (hence, the term “dripper”) onto the cotton until the cotton is thoroughly soaked. You replace the dripper’s tip onto the base, and while holding the mod completely upright, you fire the mod and take a pull, like a regular vape tank.

After five or so pulls, you’ll need to re-drip the liquid onto the cotton to keep it soaked. That’s when you can change the flavor if you decide that you don’t like the flavor or re-drip the same juice onto the cotton. Simple, right?

What Makes the Dripper Complicated?

While the actual use of a dripper is pretty easy, setting it up can be a little confusing. You’ll have to use trial and error to see how big a strip of cotton you need to use, and threading it into the slots with a tweezer can be challenging.

You’ll also have to make sure that your mod can fire at very high wattage, at least 150. The downside of this is that if you’re using a two-battery mod, your batteries will die pretty quickly because of the constant use at high power.

Additionally, since you have to constantly refill the reservoir for the cotton to soak up the vape juice, it can get pretty cumbersome to have to always pause and drip juice onto the cotton. This method ensures that the cotton doesn’t get dry and leaves you with the dreaded burnt flavor. Since you have to drip juice onto the cotton repeatedly, you’ll need to have a bottle of vape juice on hand.

Benefits of Using a Dripper

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However, despite all the cons of using a dripper, there are a ton of pros to focus on.

Using a dripper at high wattage means you’ll get bigger clouds, as well as robust flavor. If you’re getting bored of the flavors you have, using a dripper can be an excellent way to satisfy your preferences by using multiple e-liquid flavors after a few pulls.

You won’t have to worry about buying packs of coils, as well as the possibility of getting a too-tightly packed coil. Wicking cotton is cheaper than buying a pack of coils, and often lasts longer since you’re only using strips instead of an entire coil head.

If you want to try a friend’s e-liquid or sample a liquid in a vape shop, you can drip that e-liquid onto your dripper’s cotton and test it out! Gone is the worry of clogging your coil or buying a bottle of e-liquid that you may not end up liking once you take it home.

For advanced vapers who like building coils themselves, the price of wicking materials and coils are far lower when dripping compared to using a tank. However, it varies in quantities and the location where you buy them.

Additionally, since drippers use custom made coils instead of premade ones, vapers who drip save more on money when buying materials. A 5m-10m wire of Kanthal costs around $5 to $10, and a 100-piece pack of cotton costs at least $8 to $9.

If you’re not wasteful with your supplies, these can last you for years.  Whether you’re using a standard dripper or a rebuildable dripper pod system, the cost and quality of the materials you buy matters. 


Overall, drippers can be some of the most enjoyable vaping devices on the market. As with any challenging device, it will take some time to get used to it. However, the reward far outweighs the struggle. With a dripper, you can enjoy the purest of flavor and huge, puffy clouds. Upgrade your regular vape setup to something that allows you to satisfy every e-liquid craving.

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