Doomsday Clock Shows 2 Minutes To Midnight

Doomsday Clock Shows 2 Minutes To Midnight

The Doomsday Clock shows 2 minutes to midnight (0 Hour or The End), as it is measuring since the 40s how close is the humanity to the Armageddon.

Doomsday Clock has appeared for the first time after the two atomic bombs have been dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as the Chicago Atomic Scientists started to publish a magazine called ‘Bulletin of Atomic Scientists’ (BAS).

The Clock measures how close is the humanity to its end due to own actions and decisions, politics, wars, natural disasters risk, and pollution.

The Armageddon is 2-minutes away

Since January 25th, this year, the Doomsday Clock shows 2 minutes to midnight, meaning that the humanity is closer to Armageddon than ever. This was possible due to the failure of world’s leaders to positively treat with increasing nuclear threats and obvious changes in climate.

‘The danger of nuclear conflagration is not the only reason the clock has been moved forward (…) there’s been a loss of trust in political institutions, in the media, in science (…) all of which exacerbate the difficulty in dealing with the real problems (…)’ said Lawrence Krass, the chairman of the BAS.

The threats are increasing

Increasing nuclear threats coming from the North Korean nuclear weaponry updates, plus the lack of negotiations between the two nuclear super-powers, the USA and the Russian Federation, represent considerable threats to the safety of the mankind.

Additionally, the climate changes such as the melt of the sea-ice cover in the Arctic region, are more and more neglected by the US officials as many climate change denialists have emerged in the new administration.

Technology is another issue of concern as it is used by some individuals as a rapid propagation environment for disinformation, confusing and lowering people’s confidence. Moreover, more and more massive hacking attacks vise governmental institutions.

However, this isn’t the first time the Doomsday Clock shows 2 minutes to midnight. The last time it happened was in 1953 when the United States, followed by the Russians, tested thermonuclear weaponry.


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