Don’t Fall for Black Friday Online Frauds – Get the Protection of a VPN

Don’t Fall for Black Friday Online Frauds – Get the Protection of a VPN

The best shopping season of the year is finally upon us, bringing with them unprecedented opportunities for cybercriminals to rip Internet users off their hard-earned money.

Yes, I am talking about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and the spike in online frauds during this season.

We find hundreds of thousands of brands giving off up to 80% discounts on millions of products and services on Black Friday. Since many brands go even further and offer flat discounts, people wait all night long outside major stores. Online users spend hours on waiting for door-buster deals to go live.

It is not a coincidence that Black Friday is also the time of the year when criminal activities shoot through the roof, both online and offline. Speaking digitally, cybercriminals target unsuspecting online shoppers and bait them with unbelievable Black Friday scams and frauds. This is done so users unknowingly hand over their sensitive information willingly to fraudsters.

Luckily, you can still keep yourself secure against online scams and frauds with a virtual private network.

Let’s first discuss some of the most common frauds carried out during Black Friday and how users can stay protected with a VPN.

2 Common Black Friday Frauds You Should be Wary Of

Scam Emails

The telltale sign of this scam is that your inbox suddenly gets overflowed with emails containing different “offers”. These are other such emails are phishing emails, meant to fool users into handing over their sensitive information. Believe it or not, these emails aren’t just another online phony text messages that you can immediately detect. On the contrary, phishing emails are carefully and tactfully drafted to make them look more real.

For instance, you might get an email regarding an unexpected parcel from FedEx or DHL. The email would go even go further and ask you to visit the attached URL and fill out the contact details, address and credit card.

Phishing emails aren’t limited to fake delivery messages. Cybercriminals bait users with many other messages like free giveaways and another tempting yet fake offers.

Beware. These phony emails will lead you to a malicious website, and you might end up falling victim to threats like identity theft, ransomware, etc.

Fake Websites

Baiting and conning users through copycat websites is yet another practice carried out by cybercriminals. During the Black Friday rush hours, it is common for people to make typos while writing a domain name. These typos often lead users to fake websites that are built, especially, for conning unsuspecting visitors.

You can find dozens of websites that look like legitimate websites such as Yahoo, Google, etc. Give it a try and enter the name of these websites with a letter missing or changed, and you will see how many results pop up.

These fake websites contain links that lead to either malware or fake forms that are used for phishing.

VPNs Protect You against Online Frauds

Virtual private networks (VPNs) are developed specifically to boost the online security and privacy of Internet users. It shields the sensitive information of the users while they go about with their online activities such as browsing, online shopping, transactions, etc.

VPNs use state-of-the-art encryption algorithms to encrypt every bit of Internet traffic. As a result, all your sensitive data remains safe and secure, and you get to enjoy complete peace of mind.

Moreover, VPNs also act as an effective anonymity tool, allowing users to keep their online activities confidential against not only hackers but also the ISPs and the pesky government. The tool enables users to switch their actual IPs with anonymous IPs that might be from the US, UK, Canada, and Brazil, etc.

Talking about VPNs, PureVPN takes the cake as an elite-VPN service in town. The VPN provider comes with a robust set of security and anonymity features, and it owns VPN servers in over 180 locations. Plus, you can also find a couple of dynamic add-ons such as Dedicated IP, Port Forwarding and Enterprise-grade Cybersecurity that give you added functionality.

If you hurry now, you can grab PureVPN’s Black Friday VPN deal at a fraction of the cost.


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