Don’t Drop iPhone X Because a Screen Replacement Costs $279

Don’t Drop iPhone X Because a Screen Replacement Costs $279

iPhone X has finally been made available for purchase three days ago. Considering that the smartphone recently went on sale, Apple also decided to reveal additional information regarding iPhone X’s repair costs. Knowing that iPhone X is one of the most expensive smartphones ever made, Apple fans shouldn’t be surprised to find out that the repair costs for it are equally expensive.

$279 Screen Replacement

Apple fans are advised to purchase an extended warranty since iPhone X’s sleek looking screen costs $279 to replace. What’s interesting is that this screen replacement price is more than double the price of iPhone 6’s screen replacement which costs $129. With that being said, iPhone X owners need to be really careful not to crack their screen because it’s going to cost them.

Apple Care+

Regarding warranties, the Cupertino based tech giant is offering Apple Care+ for iPhone X owners. This warranty charges $199 for the iPhone X, $149 for iPhone 8 Plus and $129 for iPhone 8. As everyone can clearly see, the warranty is quite expensive, but it will save lots of money for people who drop their phones and crack their screens.

We should also mention that Apple Care+ doesn’t inflate the repair prices even though the damage is “accidental”. Therefore, a complete screen replacement for iPhone X will not go over the price of $199. Even more, other “accidental” damages such as scratches are included in the warranty.

Samsung Influence

Even though Apple is known for overpricing its products and services, this time Apple is asking for the right price. iPhone X features a sleek looking edge-to-edge OLED panel that’s only being produced by Samsung right now, and this means that Samsung is the one who sets prices for screen replacements. For example, Samsung could short Apple’s OLED panel supply which will automatically increase screen replacement prices.


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