Donald Trump Sounds The Alarm On America’s Future [VIDEO]

Donald Trump Sounds The Alarm On America’s Future [VIDEO]

It seems that President Donald Trump has to say something important about the future of America, therefore, he issued a warning. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Donald Trump issues warning about the US

Check out the video in which Trump states something extremely important about the future of America.

Someone said: “Trump is right. Americans are literally being replaced by illegals. Our country is our people and once we’re gone so is our country.”

Another follower posted this message: “He is completely right. Democrats are destroying this country at every chance they get. This open border is a security threat to this country and those who are responsible should have to suffer the consequences. Follow me if you agree.”

A commenter believes that Marxist ideology demands centralized power, stifling individual freedoms, and historical instances of economic instability. It is a soul-crushing, demented experiment in depriving humanity of the essence of being human, the ability to think for oneself. It is the religion of hate, not love, control, not freedom, and jealousy, not benevolence.

Trump made the news not too long ago when Iowa witnessed a tacky display from the Satanist group, which placed a horrible Satanist altar in the Capitol in Iowa. Trump also had an uplifting speech for the people there following the destruction of the satanic statue.

Another thing worth mentioning is the speech that President Donald Trump had: Check out the video below:

Stay tuned for more news from the political sphere.

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