Donald Trump And JFK Similarities And How Are These Important For The Stock Market

Donald Trump And JFK Similarities And How Are These Important For The Stock Market

Many politicians, businessmen, investors, and even historians noticed something weird – Donald Trump resembles John F. Kennedy in many ways. And if we look back in time, we’ll see that JFK’s presidency hasn’t been a good period for the stock market. Will that happen again?

Trump versus Kennedy

Bill Gates was the first to compare Donald Trump with John F. Kennedy, after Trump’s election. He said that the tone used by Trump during his campaign speech regarding the space missions and the country behind those, and the speech itself, too, were very similar with the ones used by John F. Kennedy.

In 2017, the renowned British historian, Niall Ferguson has also compared Donald Trump with JFK but from other points-of-view. According to Ferguson, very similar to JFK, Donald Trump is also an adulterer, hired a relative in his administration, communicates directly to the public, and even has some medical conditions he’s desperately trying to hide. Even more, during both presidencies, the world was on the brink of nuclear war.

The similarities don’t end here. There are also market analysts and investors who believe that everything Trump is and does is having the same impact on the stock market as in Kennedy’s times.

Hopefully, the similarities end here for his own sake and for the market.

How are the similarities between Trump and Kennedy important for the stock market?

At the moment, stocks seem to recover from the earlier losses as the Dow and S$P 500 futures are going up by 1.22% and 1.13%, respectively. Also, the Nasdaq-100 future is up by 1.11% and the Dow Jones Industrial Average has increased by 1.38%.

Even more, S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite are also trading higher by 1.49% and 1.44%, respectively.

Is a good day for commodities, too, with the Gold future increasing by 0.44% and the Crude Oil future increasing by 2.08%.

Even the cryptos are doing just fine today, as the Bitcoin got higher by 5.30%.

However, all this situation of the market is really similar to the one of the market during Kennedy’s presidency. Unfortunately, back then, the market bottomed, so the investors are really hoping that will not be the case during Trump’s time at the White House.

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