DOJ Ordered Sweep of Trump’s Twitter Data for People Who ‘Liked, Followed or Retweeted’ Trump

DOJ Ordered Sweep of Trump’s Twitter Data for People Who ‘Liked, Followed or Retweeted’ Trump

It seems that if you’ve been a Trump fan on Twitter, your data is saved for later, so to speak. Check out the latest reports about what allegedly happened below.

Trump-related data on Twitter

Attorneys from the Justice Department have disclosed documents related to their search warrant for the Twitter account of Donald Trump.

These documents reveal that prosecutors collected an extensive amount of data on the former President’s social media activity, including information on every account that liked, followed, or retweeted him. The search warrant, which was heavily redacted, was made public on November 17th following a judge’s ruling.

This ruling came after a group of media organizations requested the warrant and other related data to be disclosed in August. It appears that Twitter complied with the DOJ’s request and provided them with a vast amount of data under compulsion.

The Special Counsel, Jack Smith, requested and received information on all the Twitter users that Trump followed, unfollowed, muted, unmuted, blocked or unblocked.

Additionally, Smith asked for all the information on the Twitter users who followed, unfollowed, muted, unmuted, blocked, or unblocked Trump.

The DOJ also requested Twitter to provide information on all the lists of users who have retweeted or favorited Trump’s tweets. Furthermore, they wanted to know the tweets that include the username associated with the account, such as mentions or replies.

Apart from this, the DOJ also wanted to access Trump’s geolocation, private messages, search history, and contact information.

Shockingly, prosecutors allegedly wanted to know Trump’s pronouns too, as reported by Headline USA in August when court transcripts relating to the Twitter-DOJ battle became available.

Twitter had objected to the search warrant and the accompanying gag order, stating that the gag order violated the company’s First Amendment right to communicate with Trump.

They also claimed that Trump had legal standing to use executive privilege to block the warrant. The warrant was released after this objection.

It has been also revealed the fact that Twitter’s challenge to the DOJ was eventually unsuccessful, with Obama-appointed District Judge Beryl Howell fining the firm $350,000 in February for failing to fulfill a deadline for complying with the order.

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