Does Water Soluble CBD Work Just As Well As Other Versions?

Does Water Soluble CBD Work Just As Well As Other Versions?

Cannabidiol, popularly known as CBD, is one of the chemical compounds from the cannabinoid family that occurs naturally in the cannabis plant. It became renowned as a natural remedy for some common ailments. It comes in many forms, the most popular of which is CBD oil. But despite its popularity, not all CBD oil users are happy with it because it’s hard to mix in with different beverages. Fortunately, water soluble CBD was introduced in the market and it is now gaining more traction.

Water soluble CBD is the latest form of CBD product, and it comes with hydrophilic substances, which are known to mix well with water. Such substances make water soluble CBD more efficient than CBD oil and other forms of CBD products in terms of the body’s ability to absorb CBD. Since your body can efficiently absorb CBD, this makes water soluble CBD products a more affordable option for consumers since they don’t have to take more just to achieve their desired effect.

What to Know about Water Soluble CBD

Whenever some people mention water soluble CBD, it doesn’t mean that the CBD oil molecules are dissolved with the water molecules. Rather, it refers to the enhanced water compatibility of CBD oil molecules.

An average particle of CBD oil is bigger than that of water so many of them are not absorbed by the intestines. When compared to water soluble CBD, these molecules break down into smaller components through emulsification. The process of emulsification involves mixing two substances that are not completely dissolved. Because of this, the surface area of the substances increase and more particles are absorbed.

With higher absorption, water soluble CBD can deliver the instant effects of CBD. Its development has gained a lot of attention since the body has 60 percent of water, making this evolution not only logical, but also efficient.

Water Soluble CBD and Its Types

To make water soluble CBD products, CBD oil and some cannabis molecules are broken into small particles and are carried or emulsified by a hydrophilic carrier. Such forms need the use of surfactants, which decrease the surface tension between the liquid and oil.

There are various methods to make water soluble products, and they differ in effectiveness and benefits, like insulin resistance. Below are the common methods being used today:

  • Microemulsions –These are 100 to 5,000 nanometer droplets that are made with the chemical process that requires lots of surfactants. However, it may cause users to experience some side effects.
  • Nanoemulsions – This is the best method of making water soluble CBD. CBD molecules are broken down into 10 to 100 nanometer droplets, which makes it easy for the body to absorb CBD effectively. Nanoemulsions also require low surfactants and use natural surfactants instead, making it safer and more efficient to use.
  • Liposomes – These are the molecules that contain water, which range from 50 to 5,000 nanometers. They’re made of a hydrophilic compartment, which is water-friendly and holds CBD extracts easily. Since these molecules are small, CBD is absorbed better by the body’s system.

The Amazing Perks of Water Soluble CBD

  1. Mixes into Different Kinds of Beverages Easily

One of the best benefits that water soluble CBD offers is that it mixes well into any kind of beverage. If you’re fond of drinking coffee with CBD, you can have a more pleasant experience with water soluble CBD. Just add in your preferred amount of CBD, mix it well, and enjoy the benefits of CBD while sipping your favorite caffeinated beverage.

It also works perfectly with juices. If you prefer healthy juices instead of coffee, you can add water soluble CBD to your drink.

Since water soluble CBD can be mixed easily with beverages, this can also be beneficial for those who always take sports drink on-the-go.

  1. High Bioavailability

Water soluble CBD is also known for its high bioavailability, which is the rate or degree at which substances are absorbed into the body’s system. As previously mentioned, the CBD molecules in other versions of CBD products are quite big. On the other hand, the molecules in water soluble CBD are small, enabling the body to absorb them easily and rapidly.

  1. Works More Efficiently Than Other Versions of CBD

To follow up on the previous point, due to water soluble CBD’s increased bioavailability, it works more efficiently than some other versions of CBD products. Once taken orally, CBD oil would first pass through the liver and digestive tract before getting through the bloodstream. Known as the first pass effect, you will get a lesser amount of CBD in your body’s system. Other than that, CBD oil does not mix properly with water and has a longer onset time. But with water soluble CBD, you don’t have to worry about such things as it mixes well with water and has a high absorption rate.


Water soluble CBD is the ultimate solution to efficient and instantaneous consumption. It is also gaining popularity because of its speedy effect, wide range of use, and enhanced bioavailability. This newest addition to the variety of CBD products has a clear advantage over the popular CBD oil.


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