Does Forskolin Work for Fat Loss?

Does Forskolin Work for Fat Loss?

When it comes to herbal remedies, you should be skeptical. Some don’t do anything – but Forskolin is a great example of an effective, science-backed herbal supplement that can improve your health, wellbeing, and even impact fat loss.

While the science on Forskolin has been developing for decades, it gained significant mass-appeal after being featured on the Dr. Oz show in 2014. Unlike some aspects of the show, Forskolin actually has serious scientific credibility.

Today we’re covering this key topic, examining what a Forskolin compound can do for you, and reveal what to look for when you’re thinking of buying.

Fat Loss

Forskolin’s benefits for fat loss are important because fat loss is important. Changes to your bodyweight affect your health, as well as how you look and feel. These add up.

Fat loss is a coveted goal and it’s worth giving yourself every possible chance to make positive change. Reducing the risks associated with obesity, as well as common chronic diseases like diabetes or hypertension, can mean a healthier and happier life…as well as a longer one!

The problem is that fat loss supplements are hit and miss – good products are great, but often they’re filled with useless junk. Forskolin is the opposite of this – as it provides a way of supporting fat loss when combined with a balanced diet and exercise routine.

This is what a supplement should do – add to your results and support a healthy weight loss journey.

Good Habits and Good Supplements: “Does Forskolin Work for Fat Loss?”

Remember that fat loss is a process that includes everything from exercise to diet to supplementation. You can’t just rely on a supplement to do all the hard work and habit-changing for you.

When we ask if Forskolin works for fat loss, what we really mean is “does Forskolin support fat loss in a way that improves the process, results, and the speed at which you can lose fat?”. This is important because it’s a supplement and should be added to good habits.

There’s no magical pill for diet, but high-quality fat burners like Forskolin or ready-made Forskolin-based fat burning stacks like the all-natural Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner, certainly make the process better, easier, and healthier.

The information here is going to help your diet, but it won’t make you shredded or thinner overnight. Dietary supplements only work if you do!

What is Forskolin?

Forskolin is the key compound in coleus forskohlii, an herb that has an extensive history in traditional Indian medicine.

It’s an all-natural herbal supplement and remedy that is found naturally-occurring but refined to improve concentration and make sure you’re getting the key compounds in effective doses. The way it works is varied, impacting weight loss through a whole bunch of different mechanisms that we’ll discuss shortly.

All you need to know is that Forskolin is the most promising herbal remedy right now and it has already gained scientific attention. Early studies are showing it to be one of the most promising compounds available, all while being totally natural.

How Does it Work?

The big question is how Forskolin works and what it can do for you. There are a variety of benefits that all tie in to fat loss in one way or another but are independently great for your wellbeing or performance.

Testosterone Boosting

One for the men. Forskolin has been shown to regulate/increase testosterone production and contribute to better fat loss. The science is still developing, but the actual effects are reliable and big enough to grab your attention!

This is mostly for males, who require testosterone at higher levels. This key sex hormone isn’t just about sexual health or mood, but also changes how much fat/muscle your body wants to hold onto at any one time.

Forskolin is a great way of regulating hormonal health – testosterone in particular – and supporting a lower resting level of body fat. Emerging research is showing this to be an interesting compound.

If you’re looking to boost testosterone and performance further, you can combine Forskolin with another all-natural and clean product from the Performance Lab range, SPORT T-Booster, which focuses on improving the hormonal environment in your body.

This means an increase in muscle and strength, while also reducing your resting inclination for fat gain/maintenance!

Bone Mineral Density

For both women and men, Forskolin’s effects on bone density is impressive. It’s a way of supporting healthier aging and reducing the risk of falls and fractures.

Far from being a male-only supplement, this compound is versatile and effective for everyone. DEXA scans have shown that mineral change in men is significant, as well as being a great compound for preventing osteoporosis in women.

The benefits are specific to your goals, but they do extend beyond just burning fat.

Fatigue: How Does Forskolin Change Workouts to Burn Fat?

Reducing central fatigue is a great way of boosting exercise performance and supporting longer, harder, more effective workouts.

This is one of the key ways of supporting weight loss in the long term, as it allows you to burn more calories for exercise during your workout and increase the post-workout calorie consumption needs. These add up to more weight loss, as well as better performance.

Lean Mass (and Mediating Factors)

Studies are showing that not only are you likely to burn more fat while taking Forskolin, but it could have a significant effect on the way that your body builds muscle.

Early research suggests that you can increase changes in lean mass when taking Forskolin, which is crucial for two reasons:

  1. You’re building a better, healthier, stronger physique. Always good.
  2. Muscle mass is expensive in calorie-terms and helps you control your weight better in future.

These benefits are tied up with testosterone, but they’re definitely another interesting way of getting the most from your training.

Studies on obese and overweight men actually showed gains of roughly 150-200% improvements in lean mass on Forskolin, while increasing fat loss to roughly 200-250% compared to placebo.

This is interesting – we can’t promise the same results consistently because this study used untrained, obese individuals, but it’s a huge change. The effects varied hugely between individuals, but the trend towards better muscle gains and fat loss on Forskolin is clear.

This is a great way to invest in future weight loss, since it raises your resting metabolism and increases capacity for weight loss at a higher food-intake!

Cancer and Inflammatory Protection

Inflammation is a concern in all areas of human health. Excessive inflammation is a concern for tissues and organs throughout the body, so controlling it and producing a healthy environment is important.

It’s especially important when we look at body fat and inflammation. Key compounds in inflammation are associated with obesity, while effective diet and supplementation (such as Forskolin) can reduce inflammation.

This is great when we look at compounds like LPS – compounds in the body that are pro-inflammatory and related to both obesity and diabetes. Forskolin can help control inflammatory response, reducing these compounds and potentially guarding you from the combined health risks of body fat and metabolic issues.

Fat Loss – the Question and The Answers

So, the big question: Does Forskolin directly burn fat?

This is the big question and we’re saving it for now with good reason: it’s complicated and interesting and there’s some really important advice coming up!

Forskolin’s effects on the metabolism are similar to the fat-burning effects of caffeine. These both work through adjusting your adrenal system and producing an increased signal for burning calories.

However, while caffeine increases adrenaline, Forskolin signals that you’re using lots of energy. This leads to your body burning up more calories from body fat stores, increasing your overall calorie expenditure without the stimulant-like effects of caffeine.

The early studies on this compound show that it provides a great way of improving fat loss during a diet. In a study on 23 mildly overweight women using Forskolin, there was a significant reduction in fat gain, while also reporting better satiety (“fullness”) and the fatigue-fighting effects we mentioned earlier!

This shows that there are clearly some decent applications that are going to affect your fitness goals, but the specifics are still unclear.

Synergy: Key to Better Weight Loss

One of the clearest and most important benefits to Forskolin is how it produces additional benefits when taken in combination with other fat-burning compounds.

This is why we rate products like Performance Lab’s SPORT Fat Burner over other sources of Forskolin. It combines Forskolin with HMB, Capsaicin, and Piperine which provides a significant boost to the effectiveness and value of Forskolin itself.

Combining these compounds is a serious change to the way that your body processes and absorbs nutrients and other fat-burning compounds. Taking them altogether in one product is the optimal way to support fat loss with Forskolin.

In Vitro vs In Vivo – What We Know

One of the problems with Forskolin is that a lot of the studies are still not in humans. There are a lot of potential implications and benefits, but they’re tied up with the fact that they’re only shown in labs – not in real humans on real diets.

This is why it’s so interesting to see what’s going to happen moving forwards. The science is already good for Forskolin, and it seems this is only going to improve as time goes by.

Closing Remarks

Forskolin is incredibly promising and we think that the combination of direct and indirect benefits to fat loss make it a crucial supplement. It’s one of the few traditional medical remedies that has scientific backing.

It’s also great for the non-fat-loss benefits. We’ve only discussed them in passing, but they add up, especially when you’re combining them with weight loss and exercise benefits too.

The synergy of Forskolin – how it helps other fat burning compounds work better – is key. If you’re looking to support your health and wellbeing, burn fat, and improve your performance, then a combination of Forskolin and other classic fat-burners is a great choice.


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