Doctors Say: Honey can Heal that Annoying Cough you are Dealing with

Doctors Say: Honey can Heal that Annoying Cough you are Dealing with

According to health officials, if you are suffering from a cough, you should forget about those antibiotics and change to honey or other traditional remedies.

Public Health England (PHE) and the National Institute of Health and Care Excellent (NICE) encourage doctors to prescribe their patients more healthy medications and not stick to antibiotics from the beginning.

Why is this happening?

Usually, the flu virus, a cold or bronchitis cause a cough and antibiotics have almost no effect of this symptom, and it can even have side effects. This is why the advice is at the base of tackling the antibiotic resistance problem.

Before going to the doctor, you should try to heal you a cough using honey or cough medicines which contains guaifenesin, pelargonium, or dextromethorphan.

However, patients suffering from pre-existing conditions such as immunosuppression, lung disease or cystic fibrosis should not avoid antibiotics.

In case these traditional remedies do not heal your cough, and it gets worse, you should immediately contact your GP.

More detailed information

One out of five GP prescriptions for antibiotics might not be as appropriate as they should based on a research conducted earlier this year by PHE. Patients were also warned that the long-term effectiveness of the drugs is threatened by overuse.

According to Dr. Susan Hopkins from PHE, there is a massive problem in the antibiotic resistance, and in order to fix it, people need to take less antibiotic. Overuse of antibiotics can lead to severe infections which take a lot of time, resources and medicaments to be treated.

“These new guidelines will support GPs to reduce antibiotic prescriptions, and we encourage patients to take their GPs advice about self-care.”

A consultation which focuses on the draft guidance will end on 20th of September.


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