Do Hangover Supplements Really Work?

Do Hangover Supplements Really Work?

Headache, nausea, lack of motivation, anxiety. They’re just some of the side effects felt the morning after a night of drinking. Not only does a hangover make you feel utterly terrible, it can also destroy your productivity, causing problems at work, with your family and more.

If you’re a hangover sufferer, but don’t entirely want to give up your favorite wine, beer or cocktail, you’ve probably searched for a hangover cure. Sure, we’ve all chugged a Gatorade the next morning, tried choking down a bloody mary or even popping an Aspirin or two. However, none of these go-to hangover “cures” actually work for me, and they probably don’t cure your hangover either.

In the last several years, new products have been popping up across the market, known as hangover supplements, or hangover pills. With claims to entirely eliminate hangovers, I figured I had nothing to lose when trying one. Here’s what I experience when trying the Over EZ hangover pill.

What Happened Next

Over EZ was the first hangover supplement pill I found online. I read several reviews from other buyers, stating that not only were they hangover-free, but they actually felt amazing the next day. The claims seemed a bit unbelievable, but I had to try.

I took the pill as instructed, 15 minutes before drinking my first alcoholic drink. I was heading to a baseball game and knew I’d have a handful of those tall beers you only seem to find at sporting events and concerts. I expected to be fully hungover the next day, as usual.

I honestly couldn’t believe the way I felt when I woke up. There was no nausea, no desire to drink four gallons of water immediately, and no crippling exhaustion. It felt like a completely normal morning, one that would usually follow a night in — not baseball day.

Why It Works

Certain hangover supplements, like Over EZ, are packed with the nutrients your body needs to fight a hangover. Taking the pill before your first drink means you’re combatting your hangover before it even starts. It turns out that trying to battle your hangover once it already exists is much more difficult.

Over EZ is a pill packed with healthy, natural ingredients, like milk thistle and chicory root to protect your liver and reduce inflammation. Doses of L-cysteine, magnesium and zinc break down hangover-causing acetaldehyde, and hefty doses of B vitamins, vitamin C provide the energy and focus your body needs to be productive.

Products like Over EZ use science to combat a hangover, which is drastically more effective than taking an aspirin and eating a greasy cheeseburger, as recommended by my Google searches. Even better, hangover supplements generally cost less than the cocktail you’re about to order. There’s truly no reason to suffer from a hangover again.


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