Different Types of Hair Closures

Different Types of Hair Closures

Over the past few years the trend of hair extensions and protective styles has grown rapidly. These particular styles can be seen on television, in magazines, on social media and pretty much everywhere you turn your head. Hair extensions can provide both flexibility and versatility when choosing your new look. Whether you choose synthetic or virgin hair, the type of closure you select will determine how natural your extensions will appear. A closure is a hair extension that will cover a specific section of your head and may come in different sizes depending on the style that you desire. Closures give you the options of leaving out minimal to no hair. There are several types of closures to choose from, and the more you know the better. Here are more details on each type of closure and how they may affect your new look.

Lace Closure

These closures are the most popular among the group of closure types. They are soft, yet less expensive than other closures. These closures are low maintenance and easily installed. You may have the knots of this closure bleached to provide a more natural look. This can be done at home or by a professional. The sizes of the closure may vary, but the most common size is a 4 by 4 closure.

Silk Closure

Silk closures are similar to lace closures, but these closures are stitched on a silk base to increase durability. The silk base makes these closures slightly thicker than others and may result in a bulky appearance. Silk closures may look more natural due to the invisible knots. Depending on the silk base, tinting of the closure may be required to match your complexion. There are both permanent and semi-permanent methods that can be used to tint your closure.

Determining which material is used for your closure is important, but there are more details to consider. Closures also come with multiple part style options. Closure part styles include; middle part, three-part and free part options.

Middle Part Closure

The middle part closure is pre-parted directly down the middle of the extension piece. This part style is limited in versatility because the part cannot be changed. While the actual part can’t be changed, the position of the closure can be manipulated, allowing a middle part closure to be used as a side part closure as well.

Three-Part Closure

If you are looking for more versatility in your closure you may want to consider a three-part closure. A three-part closure comes pre-parted into three sections. There are parts on each side of the closure, as well as in the middle. This will allow you to position the closure in the center of your head and choose between wearing a side part or a middle part. The three-part closure is convenient for those who want to change their look often.

Free-Part Closure

Unlike the middle part closure and the three-part closure, the free part closure does not come pre-parted. This part style is the most versatile of the three options, and it can be placed anywhere. This is great if you or your stylist would like to be creative with parting. This closure can be parted just like your natural hair, including curves, triangle and diamond parts. This closure style is also convenient for styles that require no parting.

Caring for Your Closure

Closures are very delicate and need to be properly maintained for longevity. It is important to avoid intense scratching, rubbing or combing that may cause a tear in the lace. It is also important to use proper hair products to maintain the quality of the closure. Avoid using lower quality shampoo, conditioner and oils on your closure. Sulfate-free products infused with ingredients that promote lushes and hydrated hair are usually the best choice.

The proper use of heat is critical to the maintenance of your closure. Although closures provide a natural look, the use of extreme heat can be damaging. Too much heat may ruin the hairs on your closure, leaving bald spots or shorter hair pieces that are difficult to mask. When curling or straightening your closure use minimal heat.

Purchasing closures can become expensive, but if you know what you’re looking for it will be well worth the purchase. Closures can last for a very long time with proper care and can be installed or made into a wig. Purchasing quality lace closures are the key to your hot new look.


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