Deworming Medication will be Administered to J50

Deworming Medication will be Administered to J50

We have some news about the current situation of a southern resident orca, J50, who is in poor health. Veterinarians noted that they will try to give a deworming medication to J50. Last weekend they managed to successfully administer antibiotics to her.

Previous delivery of medication was victorious

A dart injection containing antibiotics was given to J50 on Sunday by a veterinarian with the Vancouver Aquarium, Dr. Martin Haulena. The doctor mentioned that the administration of medication was a very difficult task and a few weeks were needed in order to prepare for it.

Dr. Haulena said in a statement that it’s not easy to administer a large and heavy dart to an animal that is not that big, compared to those around it, and who does not spend much time at all on the surface. Not only that, but when the orca comes to the surface, she barely stays there and at the same time she is moving, the doctor added. He also said that the dose was successful and believes that approximately half or two-thirds reached J50.

The orca is not in a very good condition

In early August, a first dose of antibiotics was given to the orca. Last weekend, J50 was not seen amongst J-pod, which was seen returning from the waters off Vancouver Island’s west coast, and this raised some concern. A little bit further in time, J50, who was previously known as Scarlet, was noticed around a kilometer behind the pod, and she was struggling to keep up.

Dr. Haulena also mentioned that the objective information they have on the conditions of body suggests that judging by the orca’s current nutritional levels, animals in such state have passed away. At the moment it is not known if she will be able to recover completely or if she will have to live with a chronic condition for the rest of her life.


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