Deadly Bacteria In Reheated Pasta Killed A Student

Deadly Bacteria In Reheated Pasta Killed A Student

According to Dr. Bernard on YouTube, a student died after he ate reheated pasta. It seems that deadly bacteria, Bacillus cereus, proliferated in the 5-day-old spaghetti the student consumed.

The 20-year-old student from Belgium used to cook on Sundays to prepare his meals for the whole upcoming week to save time and money. He loved to eat spaghetti, so he was usually boiling the pasta and keeping it into Tupperware containers. As reported in the case study published in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology, the student made the fatal mistake to reheat and eat pasta that he left in the kitchen, at room temperature, for several hours.

Several hours was enough time for the deadly bacteria, known as Bacillus cereus, to reproduce. Bacillus cereus is a common bacteria, popularly attributed to the so-called “fried rice syndrome,” a prevalent food intoxication triggered by leaving rice-based foods at room temperature for several hours.

Deadly Bacteria In Reheated Pasta Killed A Student Within 10 Hours

The student died in his sleep, within 10 hours after he consumed reheated pasts that he left at room temperature for several hours. The student’s body autopsy revealed that he died of liver necrosis which indicated that the liver shut down. The doctors found traces of Bacillus cereus, a species of deadly bacteria, in the student’s feces. Also, samples of the spaghetti confirmed the presence of the deadly bacteria that caused the young man’s death.

The doctors recommend us not to leave foods at room temperature for a long time since bacteria can develop and they can cause food intoxication or even death, as it happened in the before-mentioned case of that student.

As for Bacillus cereus, these are common deadly bacteria, frequently causing illnesses. In 2003, for example, an entire family suffered from food intoxication caused by Bacillus cereus. All the children of that family needed intensive care and the youngest of them, a 7-year-old girl, died after her liver shut down.


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