Daily Multivitamin Might Be Able to Slow Down Cognitive Aging

Daily Multivitamin Might Be Able to Slow Down Cognitive Aging

To take care of our cognitive aging, we can follow a few simple steps. First and foremost, keeping our brains active and engaged is a “must.” This can involve activities such as reading, puzzles, playing mind games, or learning new things. Second, maintaining a healthy lifestyle also shouldn’t be neglected. Regular exercise, a good and healthy diet, and also getting enough sleep can all contribute to brain health.

Third, social interaction plays a key role as well. Staying connected with those we love, participating in social activities, and engaging in meaningful conversations can keep our minds sharp over the years. Let’s also not forget about managing stress and engaging in relaxation techniques. 

Older adults could benefit from daily multivitamin regarding their mental health

A new study that CNN reveals suggests that taking a daily multivitamin could have a mild positive impact on memory, especially in the case of older adults who have a history of cardiovascular disease. Participants in the study who took a multivitamin for three years showed a slight improvement in their memory performance compared to those taking a placebo.

Although the effect was statistically significant, it wasn’t considered clinically meaningful by some experts. It’s important to note that the research does not identify the specific vitamins or minerals that are responsible for the effect. While multivitamins could grant some benefits, maintaining a healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition, exercise, social engagement, and good sleep remains extremely important for cognitive health.

Rudy Tanzi, who’s a professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School, explained as CNN quotes:

Previous studies have shown an association between blood levels of vitamins like B12 and cognition. However clinical trials testing for beneficial effects of vitamins on memory and cognition have been a mix of negative and positive results.

Don’t open the champagne just yet, as further research is still needed to explore the long-term effects and individual components of multivitamins.


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