Cure for COVID-19 Finally Found? What Scientists Claim

Cure for COVID-19 Finally Found? What Scientists Claim

While there is still a significant amount of people who deny the existence of the COVID-19 disease, the official stats are there to contradict them. Since its start in December last year in China, the novel coronavirus has caused a lot of infections, deaths, sorrow, and restrictions around the world.

From a total of over 13 million people infected with COVID-19 around the world, the good news is that over 7.7 million of them were recovered. The most affected country remains the United States with more than 3.5 million infections and over 138,000 deaths. But scientists all over the world are struggling to develop both treatment and vaccines for the disease, and they may already have the winning ticket.

Remdesivir reduces the death risk with 62 percent

Scientists had been relying on remdesivir for quite a while, but a recent study claims that the drug can be even more efficient against COVID-19 than once thought. Most people that catch COVID-19 develop a mild illness, but some of them, especially elders, can even die from the disease.

Drug maker Gilead Sciences reported recently that remdesivir reduces the death risk of the severely ill patients that have COVID-19  with about 62 percent.

Scientists had been studying the effects of remdesivir for both mice and human cells, and they believe there’s good evidence that the drug can be used as a treatment for the new coronavirus.

There was a Phase III study of 312 patients and a study that retrospectively examined how the drug works for 818 people infected with COVID-19. The outcome was that 74.4 percent of people that took remdesivir recovered by day 14, compared with only 59 percent of those that received standard care.

Surely one completely efficient cure for COVID-19 will occur sooner or later. A pandemic will end someday, but the human need for knowledge and survival will live on forever.

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