Crying Once A Week Might Relieve Us From Stress, A Japanese Professor Believes

Crying Once A Week Might Relieve Us From Stress, A Japanese Professor Believes

A Japanese professor, Hidefumi Yoshida, has a unique area of activity – studying tears. And it turns out that crying is very beneficial in combating stress. Yoshida, which is extremely popular in Asia, often called the “Teacher of Tears,” recently said that crying once a week relieves us from stress.

Whatever the reason is, be it anger, grief, or joy, we are often told not to refrain from crying, because it would make us feel good. Holding back from tears might lead to frustration, which in the long run can be a problem in our relationships with others. By crying, we eliminate those emotions that make us feel wrong.

That is precisely what Hidefumi Yoshida advocates for. As a former teacher at a Japanese high school, he now organizes many workshops throughout Japan where participants talk about crying, and the benefits crying brings.

Crying once a week relieves us from stress

“Crying is more effective than laughing or sleeping when it comes to reducing stress levels. But since we can’t cry on command (for most of us), we can voluntarily choose to turn our emotional state upside down. How? By listening to sad music or recalling memories that have made us cry before,” Hidefumi Yoshida says.

Once the emotions have been eliminated, the mental health is significantly improved. That because, as Hidefumi Yoshida puts it, crying stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which has the power to reduce heart rate. Also, if you cry once a week, you can live a stressless life.

This Japanese professor cannot have his theory’s legitimacy questioned. In 2014, in collaboration with Professor Hedeho Arita, the Yoshida gave a series of lectures in which he highlighted his many discoveries on the benefits of crying on reducing stress, findings obtained in several clinical trials.

Since then, Professor Hidefumi Yoshida has been working with many schools and companies to present his theories. In fact, another European research conducted in 2015 also stated that crying would improve the initial state of mind.


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