Covid-19: What Have We Learnt from CDC’s Leaked Document?

Covid-19: What Have We Learnt from CDC’s Leaked Document?

Recently, a CDC internal presentation has been leaked, and the information contained both good and bad news. The findings on a presentation chart revealed that the Delta strain is highly aggressive, and even those fully vaccinated can transmit the virus.

 Accountable for more than 83% of the daily new infections in the U.S, the variant originated in India, has taken over the country. The presentation contained more information about the SARS-CoV-2 Delta strain and its impact. 

What do we know from the presentation?

The internal CDC presentation obtained by The Washington Post contained charts and new statistics. The Delta strain of the coronavirus is so contagious that it can be compared with others such as Ebola, cold, smallpox and other highly transmissible viruses. In addition, even those fully vaccinated can spread the virus as quickly as unvaccinated people. However, those vaccinated have fewer chances of developing severe cases and experience acute symptoms. 

Not all news is bad news

Ashish Jha, dean of the Brown School of Public Health, believes that the news we can learn from the leaked document is not all bad. He posted on Twitter that although the Delta strain remains a problem, the insights show that only 35,000 out of 162 million vaccinated people in the U.S developed symptomatic cases of the coronavirus infection. The 0.02 % rate shows that vaccination is essential in preventing hospitalizations and severe cases that can lead to death. 

The data also shows that the COVID-19 vaccines, approved in the U.S (PfizerBioNTech, Moderna and Johnsons & Johnson), have an efficiency of around 88% against the virus, and less than 10% of fully vaccinated people develop severe cases. The findings on CDC’s presentation are similar to findings from other countries such as England and Scotland. Their data suggests that fully vaccinated people have a 79% lower risk develop an infection associated with the Delta strain and even lower risks of needing hospitalization. 

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