COVID-19 Versus Generation Z: the Real Deal

COVID-19 Versus Generation Z: the Real Deal

It has been eight months since the COVID-19 pandemic has started being a significant part of our lives. The virus is still present, but social distancing and psychological fatigue are not cooperating in order to curb down the line of daily cases. This behavior is most likely to be encountered amongst young adults, who are not afraid to catch the virus.

Generation Z… the least affected

All around the world, Generation Z has seen an enormous wave of infections, which, unfortunately, did not threaten those living and abating from the law. What is even more worrying about this observation is the fact that those parts of the Generation Z are tired of the restrictions and, therefore, all the efforts until now might be irrelevant in the end.

According to Peter Collignon, professor of clinical medicine at the Australian National University Medical School, Generation Z represents that part of the population, which is least affected by the infection, but the most affected when it comes to economic factors. Young adults do not take into consideration the measures imposed by the American authorities and decide to get infected when visiting nightclubs or bars deliberately.

The government’s response

In light of the recent reckless manifestations, the director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Anthony Fauci, publicly asked for responsibility and resilience. Unfortunately, the plea to stay home is one of the not so many options that the government has in order to stop this massive phenomenon. The world is still far away from getting a vaccine, and the only thing we can do is keeping in mind the importance of social distancing.

Consequently, Collignon declared that the youngsters gave him an incredible dilemma, since this category is the one suffering less from the virus, but the most from lack of money and unemployment.


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