COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Reveals Strong Immune Response

COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Reveals Strong Immune Response

A vaccine for COVID-19 will be ready and made official sooner or later, as many scientists across the planet are trying to bring the right antidote for the terrible disease. The health systems from many countries are struggling to cope with the ongoing pandemic, and a vaccine could surely save all of this mess.

But it’s mandatory for vaccines to be tested on humans in order to find out if they really work. According to preliminary findings of a phase two trial, strong immune responses are triggered within older people after they received the COVID-19 vaccine from Oxford University and AstraZenecaished.

Pfizer announces a vaccine effectiveness of 95%

Pfizer is the American multinational pharmaceutical corporation that has been working on a vaccine for COVID-19. The company announces a great success, as it’s very optimistic about the effectiveness of its vaccine for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. There’s no wonder why, as Pfizer is also one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

The authors of the study found that “volunteers in the trial demonstrate similar neutralising antibody titres, and T cell responses across all three age groups (18–55, 56–79, and 70+).”

Angela Minassian, who is an investigator at the University of Oxford, declared, “Inducing robust immune responses in older adults has been a long-standing challenge.

“To show this vaccine technology is able to induce these responses, in the age group most at risk from severe COVID-19 disease, offers hope that vaccine efficacy will be similar in younger and older adult.”

The total number of COVID-19 infections worldwide has exceeded 57 million, while the number of deaths caused by the coronavirus is growing rapidly towards 1.4 million. Thousands of people die because of COVID-19 every single day, proving that the threat is real.

The new results were published recently in The Lancet:



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