COVID-19: The US Confirms First Case of Reinfection

COVID-19: The US Confirms First Case of Reinfection

The patients that recovered from COVID-19 can get reinfected, and this is what concerns specialists. A case of reinfection has happened in Nevada.

The man was confirmed positive with the virus back in April, and then it happened again in June. It seems that patients can remain positive for months, even if they don’t have symptoms or even post-recovery. The latest studies show that the antibodies do not protect those who recover.


Scientists have taken a look at the reinfection and found out that it did happen. They confirmed it through genetic data in the positive results – they were 2, and they were different. The case is actually concerning since everyone is waiting for the second wave in the fall and winter. It might meet the annual flu season, and the consequences can be bad.


The pandemic has reached 24.5 million cases and killed more than 832,000. Brazil, India, and the US are among the countries with millions of cases. Russia has alone a million cases.


Countries all around the world are still battling the pandemic, and all the major companies are looking for treatments and vaccines. The UK, the US, and Germany are working at full speed to find vaccine candidates. Russia already claims it has one, and China is still issuing emergency use authorizations for a lot of candidates. There is one candidate – CoronaVac, that had been authorized last month. SinoPharm has been authorized recently, too. But China has not given many details on this matter. Just last month, the country authorized trial vaccines on high-risk populations. CanSino’s candidate has been authorized, as well, by the military, for one year. CanSino has looked outside of China, and the company is looking for emergency use authorizations in other countries.

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