COVID-19: T Cells Are the New Antibodies Researchers Are Focusing On

COVID-19: T Cells Are the New Antibodies Researchers Are Focusing On

In the epoque of the new coronavirus, antibodies are something we have gotten used to hearing everywhere. There is the possibility that they are the best solution possible for keeping this awful pandemic in check. The thing is, vaccine data was just released this week and it would seem that the show is about to have a new star: T cells.

Companies’ Interest

Multiple pharmaceutics companies, including BioNTech SE, Pfizer Inc., CanSino Biologies Inc. and AstraZeneca Plc, have called the presence of white blood cells in the recipients of vaccines a very good sign regarding the development of a cure for coronavirus.

The New Hero Cell

T cells are now in the center of attention. They are the reminder that the defense system of the human body is not just about one weapon, but also a reminder of the fact that the response of the immune system to COVID-19 is something we have not been able to get to the bottom of. This is the case even more now, since it has been proved that the more known antibodies out there do not have the staying power that is necessary to fight against COVID-19 on the long term.

Scientific Issues

Paul Griffin, an associate professor of medicine affiliated with the University of Queensland, located in Brisbane and a lead in clinical studies taking place in Australia of a couple of possible COVID-19 vaccines, has declared that antibodies, although are what generally makes it to media, only make up a small part of the picture, at least from the scientific point of view. Unfortunately, regarding the immunity that people have to the new coronavirus, we have not gotten to the point where we can completely understand what happens.

At the beginning of the pandemic, researchers focused on antibodies, the proteins that stick to, thus disabling foreign invades in the body. This is because antibodies seemed the easiest way towards a successful vaccine, but the attention has now moved to T cells.


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