Covid-19: mRNA Vaccines Highly Efficient Against Delta Strain

Covid-19: mRNA Vaccines Highly Efficient Against Delta Strain

The SARS-CoV-2 virus has been responsible for the most recent pandemic humankind is experiencing, and all countries and governments are trying to vaccinate as many people as possible. In order to put an end to this challenging time for humanity, it is necessary to achieve herd immunity, which means to have at least 80% of the world’s population vaccinated with a COZVID-19 vaccine. There are several vaccines available others are waiting for approval. Health experts have been conducting clinical studies worldwide to study the impact and effectiveness of available vaccines against the different variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. A recent study awaiting peer correction comes from Singapore, where Barnaby Young and his peers from the National Centre for Infectious Diseases have studied the efficiency of mRNA Covid-19 vaccines against the Delta strain of the coronavirus.  

Methodology and procedures

To conduct the study, researchers recruited patients suffering from an infection with the Delta strain (B.1.617.2) of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. They began the cohort study to compare the virologic, serologic and other features of fully vaccinated adults infected with the virus, those partially vaccinated and those of unvaccinated adults. The study used 218 participants from five hospital units such as Singapore General Hospital, National University Hospital, Changi General Hospital, Sengkang Hospital and the National Centre for Infectious Diseases. The research subjects were tested using PCR tests, and all 218 were infected with the Delta strain. Out of the total number, 88 of the subjects were vaccinated. Of the 88 vaccinated subjects with an mRNA vaccine, only nine were partially vaccinated with one dose, and sixty-six participants had receives two doses of the PfizerBioNTech Covid-19 vaccine. Currently, the two approved Covid-19 vaccines, using the mRNA technology, are the PfizerBioNTech and the Moderna vaccines. 

Findings and conclusions

After analyzing several data such as serologic data, viral load and more, it was found that mRNA vaccines are highly effective against the aggressive Delta strain. This variant has been characterized as highly transmissible and aggressive. Those vaccinated experienced mild to no symptoms, and the subjects’ duration of infection was shorter than those unvaccinated. The conclusions are that mRNA vaccines protect people against severe and symptomatic cases and are key elements to prevent mortality and hospitalization. 

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