How to Coup Up with Social Anxiety Disorder During Winter Holidays

How to Coup Up with Social Anxiety Disorder During Winter Holidays

For many of us going to a music festival or surround ourselves with a big crowd is something quite normal and quite fun. However, there are people who avoid mixing with big crows. Some get quite stressed and sick if they have to socialize in such circumstances and it is due to their social anxiety disorder.

How bad can social anxiety get?

According to a university student diagnosed with it, doing presentations or going to festivals are activities that feel much more difficult than manual labor.  One such person remembers when she had to make a uni presentation. She and the fellow colleagues put a lot of effort into it. However, having to present a presentation can make some people feel physically sick, faint or vomit due to the stress they suffer.

Social anxiety can ruin the social lives of many

Petter McEvoy, professor of clinical psychology at Curtin University, explains that social anxiety is a condition which has to be dealt with continuously. Even before a presentation or a gathering with many people, those suffering from social anxiety already begin to feel stressed and sometimes the feeling continues even after the gathering.

How to cope up with social anxiety during special holidays

Winter holidays are many people’s favorite. Starting with Thanksgiving and ending with New Year’s Eve, there are a lot of reasons to celebrate and many family and friends to meet.

Those who suffer from social anxiety have to handle meeting strangers and it can be quite stressful. However, going to see a specialist who can give you advice, proper treatment and medication will make a big difference. After taking valium treatment for a while, one person suffering from social anxiety has declared that her disorder improved dramatically. She has seen a positive difference in her daily life and on a professional level. Now you know, getting help is the best alternative there is.


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