Coronavirus-Related Blood Clots Prove Hard To Prevent

Coronavirus-Related Blood Clots Prove Hard To Prevent

Anti-clotting drugs are good against excessive blood clotting, but the precise “perfect” dosage is unknown.

The Condition

Some patients that are severely affected by the novel coronavirus have a tough time enough air because of their lungs that are overclogged by fluid.

However, their situation gets even worse when the incoming oxygen stream gets hindered by a multitude of blood clots.

It’s proved that excessive clotting might be a result of a serious COVID-19 infection, but there were many debates regarding the best treatment for the blockages.

Clinical tests are underway to observe the effect of various dosages of anticoagulants, and other “traditional” medicine that is typically used to prevent or even break blood clots in patients.

Unfortunately, the old saying “the more, the better” does not apply to anticoagulants. Higher dosages often result in an increased risk of bleeding.

Finding the perfect balance between clotting and bleeding is one of the body’s fundamental functions, and it’s very good at it.


If the balance between clotting and bleeding spins out of control, the results look grim, as thromboinflammation is likely to follow, which means that severe inflammation leads to unreasonable clotting.

COVID-19 patients experience that at an alarming rate.

The problem is that medics can’t fight the clotting in a typical way. Usually, anticoagulants are used to prevent blood clots in patients who are at risk after surgery is performed or other medical procedures. Unfortunately, coronavirus-related clotting works differently.

Doctors have a tough time figuring out when the right time to administrate a dose of anticoagulants and the precise “best” dosage.

It’s news like these that should keep you alarmed about the gravity of the situation. The virus is like nothing the medical world has encountered before, and the effects are truly unfortunate.


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