Coping with your Cancer Diagnosis – 5 tips that will help

Coping with your Cancer Diagnosis – 5 tips that will help

Whether you’ve been ill for some time, or you’ve been struggling with a sudden change in your health and you’ve been looking for answers, nothing can prepare you for the bombshell that hits you when you’re told you have cancer.

Not only are you concerned about your health more than ever, but now there are so many other aspects of your life you need to consider. All the possible scenarios can seem overwhelming, how you’re going to manage and if you have dependents, who will take care of them during your treatments and illness? What about work? Your future? There’s a lot to take in and digest. So, here we’ll take a look at 5 simple tips that will help you cope with your cancer diagnosis.

Consider your finances

Money isn’t always the first thing that springs to mind after a cancer diagnosis, however, if you’re going to need time off work then it’s worth looking into. People diagnosed with cancer will have certain rights when it comes to their employment, so get in touch with HR as soon as possible to discuss your options.

Is this a legal matter?

If your cancer diagnosis is the result of being exposed to chemicals or substances whilst working, then you may want to reach out to a personal injury lawyer. Click here for more info on asbestosis vs lung cancer.

Get as many facts as possible

There’s a lot to know and learn about your diagnosis. And arming yourself with as many facts as possible can help you feel in control of the situation and even hopeful. You may not be able to ask all the questions you want to during your diagnosis – your mind may be reeling – however, write down any questions you want to your doctor to answer in the future or research reputable sites for answers and relevant information.

Don’t face it alone

A cancer diagnosis can make you feel isolated and feel like you need to withdraw from life. However, chances are you have a strong support network ready and waiting to help and support you in any way possible. Whether it’s taking the dog for a walk, taking you to appointments, sitting with you while you have chemo or just treating you normally! Don’t be afraid to reach out for help and support.

Choose for a healthy lifestyle

Of course, a treat now and again is certainly anticipated! But bear in mind that your diet and lifestyle will play a huge factor in your energy levels, your mood and your health! Eat the rainbow and get plenty of fresh fruit and veg, drink water, enjoy minerals, vitamins and don’t forget to exercise, move your body and drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.

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