Contemplating a Juice Cleanse? Here are the Top Reasons You Should Do It

Contemplating a Juice Cleanse? Here are the Top Reasons You Should Do It

If you haven’t noticed, juice cleanses are pretty trendy these days. Celebrities are doing it, fitness enthusiasts are doing it, and all the hipsters are doing it, but because so many people are “doing it,” you can’t help but give in to peer pressure to see what all the hype is about.

With juice cleanses, there’s a huge misconception that its sole purpose is to help you lose weight. True enough, it does aid in weight loss, but it has so many more benefits than just that. Weight loss is a huge motivation behind why so many people do it, but it’s also important to be cognizant of the other great benefits it provides as well.

You have to approach juice cleansing with a fresh and open mission and mindset in order for it to truly benefit you, and it starts by understanding ALL the benefits of juice cleansing. In addition to weight loss, a juice cleanse truly gives you a unique opportunity to find balance in your mind and body.

Ask yourself “Why am I contemplating a juice cleanse?” 

In answering that question, you might say to look better and feel better. Those are decent answers but not good enough to fully sway yourself to actually go through with a juice cleanse. Juice cleanses are not a “fix-all,” but more so a pathway to your journey of embracing a healthier lifestyle.

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably struggled with your body, whether from health problems or weight issues. And because you’ve endured so much with your body, many people feel resentment towards their body.

That resentment is what hinders self-love. Ultimately, you want to love your body, and that’s what juice cleansing does. But you have to approach it with no expectations or judgment. In other words, even though you may have done research on the benefits of juice cleansing, you still want to approach it with a beginner’s frame of mind.

So how do you know which juice cleanse to try?

Well, it will definitely require some research on your end. There are some key terms you want to look for when looking for the right juice cleanse that actually works and will give your body the nutrients it needs. This is what you want to look for in your juice cleanse:

  • No preservatives or sugar added
  • 100% plant-based
  • Soy, dairy, and gluten-free
  • 100% raw fruits and veggies

Ensuring the juice cleanse is comprised of raw fruits and vegetables is extremely important because raw form, of course, is what gives you the most nutrients. has a juice cleanse for weight loss with proven fast results to jumpstart your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

But to truly decide on if you should do a juice cleanse or not, you probably want more information on the benefits of it, right? Of course, you do… Here are some of the top reasons you should consider juice cleansing.

Increased Energy

In your mind, you’re probably wondering how you can get an energy boost from juicing when you don’t get as much of an energy boost from food. Well, for one, the foods you consumed were probably bad and you were probably making all kinds of dietary mistakes, which in turn, negatively impacted your immune system.

Secondly, you may not realize it but the chlorophyll that’s found in plants actually oxygenates blood when consumed through juicing. This increases physical energy as well as brain function.

Glowing Complexion

Juice cleanses do indeed give your skin a glowing complexion. If you’re someone who drinks coffee or alcohol, you’re more than likely dehydrated and don’t even realize it. When you drink those beverages, they dehydrate your body and skin tremendously. But when you start your juice cleanse, that means you’ll be cutting all of that out and replacing it with nutrient-rich juices and drinking lots of water. This will, in turn, rehydrate your skin and cells, which brings about that “juice glow,” you see in celebrities.

Weight Loss

Let’s dig a little deeper into the weight loss aspect of juice cleansing. Juicing is one of the safest ways to lose weight and it doesn’t involve starving yourself either. Starvation is one of the worst things people do to try to lose weight, and in their efforts, they find out that it doesn’t help you lose weight… in fact, starving yourself actually stalls your weight loss efforts.

By juicing, you’re able to still get all the nutrients your body needs without doing harm to your body and overall health… Your nutrient intake is what matters most, whether you drink it or eat it, but juicing eliminates that temptation to overeat or eat unhealthy foods.

Typically, juice cleanses can last anywhere between a couple of days to a month or two. You just have to find one that you can sustain with your lifestyle for maximum results because as with exercising and drinking plenty of water, consistency is key.


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